Archies Launches Exclusive Friendship Day Product Range
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Archies Launches Exclusive Friendship Day Product Range

Archies Launches Exclusive Friendship Day Product Range

Archies, the gifting brand announced the launch of its exclusive product range in anticipation of the upcoming Friendship Day.

The Friendship Day product range features an array of delightful items that capture the essence of true friendship. Each product has been thoughtfully crafted to evoke fond memories and strengthen the bond between friends. The new collection includes:

● Greeting Cards: Beautifully designed cards with heartfelt messages that convey emotions in the most touching way.

● Small Diaries: Handy diaries to help friends jot down their precious memories and keep them forever.

● Small Friendship Quote Frame: A charming frame displaying touching quotes on friendship, perfect for adorning any space.

● Combo (Diary and Frame, Keychain): Thoughtful combinations of practicality and sentiment, bundled together for convenience.

● Mugs: Adorable mugs featuring fun and endearing designs to enjoy favourite beverages together.

● Desi Archies: A special series of products inspired by regional art and culture, celebrating the diverse friendships across the country.

● Beer Glasses: Stylish beer glasses for friends to raise a toast to their enduring camaraderie.

Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director of Archies, expressed his excitement about the new product range, stating, “Friendship Day is a time to cherish the bond we share with our friends, and our product line is a testament to the joy and laughter they bring into our lives. We believe that these thoughtfully curated gifts will not only convey emotions but also become cherished keepsakes for friends to cherish forever.”

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