Archies And Cadbury Are Coming Together: Varun Moolchandani
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Archies And Cadbury Are Coming Together: Varun Moolchandani

Archies And Cadbury Are Coming Together: Varun Moolchandani

Over time the retail network for greeting cards has experienced a notable shrinkage due to the growing preference for more personalised gifts and seasonal products. However, Archies has managed to sustain its market position very well, said Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director at Archies in an exclusive interview with BW Retail World.

“For Archies, it’s not just about whether a customer buys a greeting card or not, it’s rather about the presence and emotional impact that a greeting card carries,” he explained. 

Despite the global slowdown in market demand for traditional greeting cards, Archies remains resilient, refusing to declare the demise of this cherished form of expression.

According to Moolchandani, the company’s legacy is built upon the enduring significance of greeting cards. 

While talking about ongoing collaboration with other brands, the executive director shared the information for the upcoming collaborations. Chocolate sales for rakhi are crazy,” he said. 

“Archies and Cadbury are coming together, merging the timeless charm of greeting cards with chocolates, this collaboration seeks to capture the essence of heartfelt gifting,” he added.

Looking ahead, Archies has a series of strategic partnerships on the list which are expected to happen before the Diwali festival.

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