Apple Reportedly Starting Development of A19 Bionic SoC For Future iPhones
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Apple Reportedly Starting Development of A19 Bionic SoC For Future iPhones

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Apple is reportedly in talks for working on a chip development beyond the A17 Bionic potentially impacting all future iPhone and Mac releases according to a media report on Monday.

The tech major will work on the A19 Bionic SoC, the first on a 2nm process and the M5 chip for Macs, the report said additionally.

It added but Apple is yet to officially confirm the development.

According to the report, the A17 Bionic SoC is projected to drive the future of the anticipated iPhone 17 series. It also stressed that the existing iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 Bionic, housing 16 billion transistors, is expected to increase demand with the upcoming 3nm A17 Bionic.

Furthermore, the report suggested that the A19 Bionic would mark Apple’s first processor production using a 2nm process, an advancement theoretically promising faster performance. The smaller transistor will also enhance the power efficiency, enabling higher density.

The report said this also implies that the A18 Bionic development is expected to power the iPhone 16 series which is either finished or nearing completion.

Additionally, the report asserted Apple is also working on the M5 chip for its Mac lineup which is anticipated to unveil Macs equipped with the M3 SoC inaugural, suggesting the launch of M5-powered devices coinciding with the iPhone 17 release.

However accurate details regarding the A19 Bionic and M5 chips are expected to emerge only through an official announcement from Apple, which is yet to be predicted by the company.

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