Anveya Launches Semi-Permanent Hair Colors, Expands Product Portfolio
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Anveya Launches Semi-Permanent Hair Colors, Expands Product Portfolio

Anveya Launches Semi-Permanent Hair Colors, Expands Product Portfolio

Anveya, a dynamic brand in the hair care industry, has launched Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors.

Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Colors, feature a selection of eight shades: Havana Teal, Northern Neon, Valencian Orange, Madrid Red, Cairo Yellow, LA Pink, Tokyo Purple, and Moroccan Blue.

According to the company, Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color’s game-changing ingredient, HYAPLEX™, is a revolutionary technology in the hair care industry. This groundbreaking tech works by deeply penetrating the hair strand, and reconstructing broken bonds at a molecular level. Through this process, damaged hair is effectively repaired, and strengthened from within. As a result, common concerns associated with coloring, such as hair damage, frizz and breakage, are significantly reduced, allowing users the benefit of healthier and more resilient hair.

Speaking about the launch of the new products, Vivek Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Anveya said “Our unwavering goal is to establish ourselves as the ultimate destination for all hair color requirements, offering a diverse and innovative range of products that surpass expectations. Our venture into the market with Semi-Permanent Hair colors, incorporating groundbreaking Hair Bonding Technology, has garnered an incredibly positive response. At the heart of Anveya lies a fundamental mission – to empower individuals with the freedom to explore and experiment with their appearance all while liberating them from the constraints of long-term commitments.”

In addition to delivering remarkable color outcomes, Colorisma places great emphasis on nurturing the overall health and texture of the hair. Users will experience a substantial enhancement in hair quality and unlocking endless styling opportunities. Colorisma wholeheartedly embraces inclusivity and the transformative power of self-expression through the medium of hair color, the brand stated.

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