Amazon Is Planning To Release New App For Streaming Sports
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Amazon Is Planning To Release New App For Streaming Sports

Amazon may soon release a separate sports streaming app. This move would be consistent with Amazon’s strategy of expanding its sports programming offerings via its Prime Video platform.

Spons has quickly become one of the most popular live streaming platforms, and it can assist platforms such as Amazon Prime in increasing viewership.

According to media reports, Amazon will enter the sports market against competitors such as Disney, which is currently the market leader.

Amazon already has the rights to stream a number of high-profile sporting events, including Thursday Night Football and Premier League soccer matches in the United Kingdom, which will aid in the development of this new property.

In line with the new report, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy recently referred to live sports as “a unique asser” and stated that the company will continue to invest in it. Amazon has also invested in other sports content to supplement the live games, launching original sports talk shows on both Prime Video and its ad-supported streaming service Freevee.

In terms of subscription fees, Amazon could bundle sports streaming benefits into existing Prime Video plans or create a new tier with exclusive sports content.

The report does not specify a launch date for the new application and does not confirm whether Amazon will go through the process of launching the sports app.

In response to rising costs and declining demand caused by economic uncertainty, the company has recently evaluated its unprofitable business units and implemented layoffs.

Amazon is one of the largest tech companies in the United States to have laid off workers in recent months. The company cut jobs in the devices division.

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