A. O. Smith India Launches Energy Efficient Water Heater

A. O. Smith India Launches Energy Efficient Water Heater

A. O. Smith launched its latest range of water heater in India – Elegance Prime. This Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) five-star-rated water heater offers a wide range of features, including innovative RRID (Rust Resistant Integrated Diffuser) Technology, which enhances hot water output and saves on energy costs. It also includes a Blue Diamond glass-lined tank and a state-of-the-art heating element, which aids in corrosion resistance with a longer life when compared with ordinary water heaters, even in the toughest water conditions.

Parag Kulkarni, Senior Vice President – International and President – A. O. Smith India, said, “Consumers today are more discerning and have an inclination for superior products that offer technological and aesthetic excellence. As a pioneer in innovation and a market leader in water heaters, we keep a pulse on the latest consumer trends and develop our products with an eye to the future. Elegance Prime blends advanced technology with high-end aesthetics and raises the bar in the water heating category. With the launch of this new product and our strong distribution network, we expect to further expand our market penetration across India.”

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