5G Shipment Is To Increase By 70% In 2023: CMR
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5G Shipment Is To Increase By 70% In 2023: CMR

5G smartphone shipments will increase by 70 per cent year on year by the end of 2023, after a 13-fold increase in 5G smartphone sales from the year of its initial debut in 2020,according to a Cybermedia Research research (CMR).

5G smartphones are estimated to account for 45 per cent of the market in CY2023, up from 4 per cent in CY2020. According to the research group, after roughly 100 5G handsets hit the market in 2022, close to 75 per cent of new smartphones released this year will enable 5G.

In 2022, Samsung, OnePlus, and Vivo lead the 5G smartphone market. According to the research, Xiaomi and Realme were the top brands contributing to 5G shipments in the Rs 10,000-20,000 market.

Shipra Sinha, Analyst, Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), Cybermedia Research, believes that as people want to switch and update their phones, their interest in 5G smartphones will grow (CMR).

“In the next year, we foresee more momentum for 5G smartphone shipments driven by strong consumer demand and aggressive 5G network development by Indian carriers,” she said.

The shipping growth of 5G smartphones will be determined by their availability in the value-for-money category, as well as the availability and accessibility of 5G networks across the country, as per the survey.

According to another Global Data research, between 2020 and 2026, the next generation of mobile broadband would increase mobile data use by 29 per cent and data revenue by 67 per cent in the country.

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