NimbusPost Expands Markets, Improves Technology
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NimbusPost Expands Markets, Improves Technology

NimbusPost plans to continue expanding into more international markets where it can offer its end-to-end supply chain solutions to brands and sellers who wish to enter those markets, said Yash Jain, Founder-NimbusPost

In addition to expanding its market reach the company is focused on improving its technology.

“We are also focused on improving our technology and processes to offer even better services to our customers. We want to make the entire supply chain process more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective for all parties involved,” he said.

While talking about sustainability the founder said that their company is a technology partner and does not own any asset which can affect the environment directly. However, the company is working with partners who don’t cause harm to the environment.

“We are working closely with our last-mile partners who are shifting to EVs and exploring other sustainable solutions. We believe that by promoting sustainability in the supply chain, we can contribute to a better future for everyone,” he said.

Recently, NimbusPost partnered with ClickPost to streamline eCommerce brands’ shipping journeys.

The partners intend to leverage new-age technology such as AI and Machine Learning to facilitate a superior shipping experience for online merchants and upgrade the brand-customer relationship. 

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