Blowhorn Introduces Retail Store Pickups For Better Inventory Management
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Blowhorn Introduces Retail Store Pickups For Better Inventory Management

Blowhorn, same day delivery platform for Bharat, has announced a pioneering new service to help brands with better inventory management.

Blowhorn has introduced retail store pickups that will allow brands to cut down on inventory costs and reduce time to deliver its products by having it delivered on the same day. This service will be particularly beneficial for metro cities, where the average delivery time for non-grocery items is more than two days.

This new service offers a solution that enables brands to utilise their current inventory in their offline stores to service online customers, in turn reducing inventory replication costs and improving last mile delivery times. This would also enable brands to offer faster and more efficient delivery options to their customers, which would improve their overall satisfaction.

“Our goal at Blowhorn has always been to find innovative solutions that help businesses overcome logistical challenges. We understand the pain points that businesses face when it comes to managing omnichannel experiences and ensuring timely delivery to their customers. With our new offline to online retail pickup service, we are able to address these challenges head-on by utilising the network of retail stores across the country as mini warehouses. I believe this move solves the logistical challenge of maintaining inventory for variants in products across warehouses & retail stores and is set to revolutionise the way in which brands manage their inventory.” said Michael Strong, Head of Growth at Blowhorn.

Through this offering, brands can ensure that their customers always have access to a wider range of inventory with faster SLAs. Service is currently available in all the metro cities and the plan is to extend it to Tier-2 cities by the end of this year.

By partnering with Blowhorn, brands can take advantage of this innovative new service, which will help them to streamline their logistics operations and improve their overall business performance. This new service is just one of the many ways that Blowhorn is working to streamline the logistics industry and create a better experience for both businesses and consumers. Blowhorn is operating this service for some of the leading brands in eyewear, clothing and footwear categories including shop-in-shop formats.

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