Fragrances Are Definitely A Part Of Self-Grooming: Rashmika Mandanna
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Fragrances Are Definitely A Part Of Self-Grooming: Rashmika Mandanna

Recently, Eva has appointed actress Rashmika Mandanna as their Brand Ambassador, with the launch of the ad film ‘With Eva, Special Happens’.

Mandanna has been a national sensation and has gained success on both critical and commercial fronts as she has starred in several successful projects. She has elevated her benchmark with every character she has portrayed.

The Eva girl unveils her secret and spills the beans about her collaboration with the brand.

Excerpts from the Interview:

How was the experience associating with Eva as their brand ambassador?

Being associated with Eva as their brand ambassador has been an amazing experience. Their scents are extremely fun and playful just as their message of special happens. Eva’s focus on self-love is truly represented through their fragrances that keep me refreshed all throughout the day, especially the Doll scent. The association with Eva was an exhilarating experience as I too believe in the power of self-love and confidence.

Your quick fix tip to get refreshed on a tired day apart from staying hydrated?

Hectic days of shoot require a constant source of freshness to cheer me up and keep me going from one place to another. Here’s where my favourite fragrance comes to my rescue, Eva Doll’s one spritz and soft floral notes awaken my senses and bring a quick refreshed and charged mood. Apart from Eva Doll deodorant, I also believe in double cleansing my face with cold water as soon as I am back from the outdoors to keep the oily build-up at bay.

What makes you love Eva as a brand, which drove you to be the ambassador?

Eva’s message of special happens evokes a strong sense of self-love, confidence and a sense of empowerment within me. I believe that with self-love and sheer confidence we can conquer anything in the world. Therefore, with this brand association, I want to do my bit of empowering this message and extending this essential source of power and confidence that will not only make one feel good about themselves but also keep one’s mood happy.

Which fragrance from the Eva, do you resonate with best? Which is the fragrance you would recommend and why?

I really relate to the Eva Doll fragrance as it resonates with my chirpy, positive and feminine personality. It reminds me of the flowers in my mother’s backyard garden in my hometown and the numerous refreshing mornings I have spent over there. I would definitely recommend the Doll fragrance as it makes you feel rejuvenated at time of the day, all you need to do is spray a spritz of the deodorant and you’re good to go, whether it may be an event, a social occasion or even the feel-good factor while at home.

How was your experience shooting the campaign/Ad film?

It was such a great opportunity! Everyone from the director to assistants on set was very welcoming, warm and hospitable. They gave me the creative freedom to add hints of my own personality to the part I was featured in, so that was an empowering experience in itself and the fragrances truly represent the beauty of self-love and confidence which was not at all challenging to narrate as each spritz of the Eva deodorants kept everyone happy and in the best of their moods at all times. It was truly a celebration rather than just a shoot.

How much fragrance is important in your life? Which one is your personal favorite?

Fragrances are definitely a part of self-grooming! I cannot stress enough on the importance of a good fragrance as it really accentuates my personality and confidence to a whole new level. Be it for a hectic day of the shoot or for a red carpet event, you are ready from drab to fab within seconds. My personal favourite fragrance definitely has to be Eva’s Doll which is a part of my everyday essentials. I have my deodorant cans placed in every nook and corner of my daily routine, whether it is my bag, my vanity van, my dressing table at home or my wardrobe.

Is perfume a good item to gift someone? Why or why not?

Yes, why not! There is a scent for every occasion. And by gifting someone a perfume you just add to their collection a perfect source of freshness, positivity, love and not to forget good smell. There is a scent for everyone and for every occasion right from a basic lunch with friends to an evening of dinner with your loved ones. So it’s not a bad thing to be spoilt for choice even if it is in the perfume department.

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