Palate Fest 2023: Fun-Filled Weekend For Whole Family
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Palate Fest 2023: Fun-Filled Weekend For Whole Family

Palate Fest 2023, the original and largest culinary festival in the Indian subcontinent, was hosted on the 4th and 5th of February 2023 in partnership with Mirchi Live.

The two-day food festival was designed to satisfy discriminating palates of all ages with a variety of gastronomical delights.

The new venue was selected at Aerocity, to ensure it remains convenient for residents of both Delhi and Gurgaon to attend this year’s Palate Fest.

The much-anticipated family party event brought together some of India’s best restaurants, food aficionados, chefs, entertainers, and musicians, as well as a cornucopia of food sampling, entertainment, and an overall palate-pleasing occasion.

The culinary-focused event also featured fascinating acts that catered to the diverse population that attended. On 4 February, there was electronic dance music from the famous duet Midival Punditz, followed by Jasleen Royal, a modern multi-lingual performer who stunned the crowd with her performance.

Sufi masters Salman-Zaman performed post on 5 February, during which Benny Dayal crooned the audience. Unlimited Greens, a division of Greenways Nursery, was also given a boost in the nature department, which paired with curated art displays by Studio Paradise, made for a genuinely memorable day out.

The festival’s major attraction was the introduction of Palate Mkt, an e-commerce app. Palate Mkt is an internet enterprise founded by the Palate Fest creators and created by Favcy Venture Builders. Cibology, the firm that owns both Palate Fest and Palate Mkt, is also backed by Openbook VC and Favcy VB.

The food festival featured stalls put up by notable culinary luminaries, including chefs from the city’s five-star hotels, such as the Hyatt, Soulinaire by IHCL, Ambassador, and more.

The long Delhi winters provided an ideal opportunity to sample delights from the coal-fired ovens of Koyla Kebab, Spice Market, and The Great Kebab Factory, all of which were present at the location, as well as Burgerama with their triple patty burgers and Conosh.

With Asian food becoming increasingly popular in the city, the festival’s organisers brought Wok In The Cloud, Kylin, Art Of Dumpling, Basil and Lime, and others. A variety of bakeries, both old and new, were present at the festival, including Red Moon Bakery, Bloom Café, and Basque Cheesecake, to mention a few. The ever-popular Fio was also there, as were coffee experts, Blue Tokai.

Within the manicured Market Square, the event provided gourmet delights, with over 50+ exhibitors presenting the greatest goods and ingredients. There were several stations in the market plaza. It was a perfect fun-filled weekend for the whole family.

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