Innovation & Tech Bring More Tasty Food To Our Tables

Innovation & Tech Bring More Tasty Food To Our Tables

Food is the kind of business which has to be sustained on daily bases by spreading innovation on it, in terms of taste, presentation, the ambience of space, delivery models and making it easy to order through tech. Steve Jobs once said innovation is not finding new things it’s more about doing things in a new way.

“Innovation can be of two kinds, one is lead-based and another is opportunity based. Innovation is not only about finding something new but also to find a gap. It’s more about identifying the need,” said Sunil Chauhan, Founder, Chef’s United Foods & Co-Founder, Fab Cafe.

Amit Bagga, who is co-founder and CEO of Daryaganj Hospitality believes that necessity is the mother of invention. He said “In lockdown, I found the idea of 5 senses delivery. We basically tried that the customer should feel the smell of sitting in a restaurant whenever they order food from us, for that we create a food packaging box with some texture on it and put a QR code on it so on scanning one can find the playlist of our restaurant.

Technology and data play a huge role in understanding the market and one can sence through regarding the need of customers.

“Tech and data give us an idea to us regarding where to open a store. Data helps us know the taste of customers and tech helps in the automation of some of the food making processes,” said Kabir Jeet Singh, Founder & CEO, Burger Singh

The future of innovation in food retails is going to be mindful, and honest and the food-making process may become full automated.

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