Cookieless Marketing Will Be Biggest Tech To “Tech Over”

Cookieless Marketing Will Be Biggest Tech To “Tech Over”

Technology is as good as the number of problems that it kind of solves, said Dr. Prakash Kamraj, Lead Blockchain Architect, Chingari, while addressing the BW Retail Summit 2022.

While explaining Web3, Kamraj said, “We can see it as three different era – Web1 is an interim era; whenever new technology arrives, there are definite revenue opportunities, but before that, there’s always a rise and fall,” adding, “It goes without saying that the internet is a part of our lives. It’s become difficult to separate from us, especially because of the emerging market,” he said.

Furthere, cookieless marketing will also be the biggest tech going to “tech over.”

“Performance marketing is not just about how much data banking can get from users, it’s also about the spending patterns that they are willing to dismiss, and I think that’s gonna be the revolutionary one in the future,” he stated.

Users can also monetise the content they create, leveraging the intellect of Web 3.0. The winner of a month-long contest will be given the title of ‘Chingari Star,’ who takes home special Chingari tokens, or $GARI, worth Rs one crore.

Chingari’s $GARI intends to excel in the global blockchain and crypto market atmosphere with this standard. The token uses blockchain technology powered by Solana to furnish content creators with the ability to monetize their work on the Chingari platform.

Kamraj said, “Like the traditional experiences in ads where the user can’t wait to press the skip button, but in new Web3 ads, we’re piloting around 20 companies right now on how dointendnded users in real time where the user gets rewards for watching ads.”

He believed that Web3 will boost the watching ads opportunities.

“Rather than skipping ads, the users will find ads to watch and earn rewards,” he added.

Chingari started a project which helps the lower standard educationally backward students to get better in education; students who are good at education get experience to teach and earn income.

He concluded by saying that education is crucial, not for the tech people but for the retail users.

“We’ve seen several platforms providing different courses, now we’re also seeing the strength shifts towards learning and earning at the same time concept,” he added

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