RattanIndia Enterprises Launches New Cargo Drone With Increased Payload Capacity
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RattanIndia Enterprises Launches New Cargo Drone With Increased Payload Capacity

RattanIndia Enterprises Launches New Cargo Drone with Increased Payload Capacity

RattanIndia Enterprises (REL) has on Tuesday announced the launch of a new cargo drone ‘L-40’ by its subsidiary company Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS).

The company has earlier launched the L-20 and L-15 and now doubled it carrying capacity from 20 to a staggering 40kg, within the last quarter. The L-Series platform was launched in February of this year and currently has a total of four variants covering both high and medium altitudes. The prime customers of the L-series is Defence, ecommere, Healthcare, Paramilitary and the police force. 

“Tailored to meet the growing demand for the high-capacity drone deliveries, The new L-40 showcases an unprecedented payload capacity of 40 kgs. Retaining the characteristics of its predecessors, the L-40 ensures stability, security, and efficiency at all the altitudes, broadening the scope of drone delivery across industries,” the company said in the exchange filing.

It added, “Like all the products in the L-Series, it stands as a testament to superior homegrown design, development, and manufacturing capabilities. L-Series is a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) platform with products like L-40, L-20 and L-15 capable of carrying payload weights of up to 40, 20 and 15 kgs respectively.”

According to the company, L-40, the new product is built for medium altitude. These drones are very easy to deploy, can be made ready in a short period of time, come with many ‘fail safe’ features and can be operated by a two member team. 

Anjali Rattan, Business Chairperson of REL said, “This quantum leap in the carrying capacity of our drones demonstrates the commitment of our company to the delivery drone’s category which is likely to reach $32 billion by 2031 as per the market estimates. We expect the delivery drone market to be on an upward trajectory and we are not only going to seize this opportunity but also set new benchmarks in this segment.”

“L-series has gone through rigorous demonstrations & tests across the country covering both medium & high altitudes, and we are receiving extremely positive feedback from all our customers. L-40 is a groundbreaking product boasting fully autonomous from takeoff to landing and comes with numerous ‘fail safe’ features,” she added. 

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