Amazon India Raises Seller Fees, Potentially Impacting Product Prices
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Amazon India Raises Seller Fees, Potentially Impacting Product Prices

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Amazon India will soon increase seller fees for various essential categories, including apparel, beauty products, groceries and medicines.

According to a company spokesperson, the revision of seller fees is impacted by different elements, such as changing market dynamics and macroeconomic situations. As part of the recent fee revision, adjustments have been made to the fee rate card, raising new fee categories while also lowering fees in specific existing categories.

Seller fees define the commission charged by Amazon to sellers for selling their products on its platform.

In the beauty products segment, containing haircare, bath, and shower items, the commission will rise to 8.5 per cent for products priced under Rs 300. Earlier, the platform charged a 7 per cent fee for items priced up to Rs 500.

The apparels category, both for men and women, will also encounter a fee hike. The commission will rise from 19 per cent for products priced above Rs 1,000 to 22.5 per cent in specific cases.

While the platform has decreased fees for smaller ticket buys in the grocery category, containing herbs and spices, by 2.5 per cent for items under Rs 500, it has raised fees for larger baskets. Currently, items valued over Rs 1,000 attract an 8 per cent fee, which will be risen to 9 per cent.

Similarly, the prices charged by sellers for issuing refunds to customers will see an increase of up to 40 per cent in certain cases.

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