Bira 91 Launches Hill Station Hard Cider Ale under ‘House of Bira 91’
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Bira 91 Launches Hill Station Hard Cider Ale under ‘House of Bira 91’

Bira 91 forayed into cider market with the launch of Hill Station, a category of Hard Cider Ales.

The launch is part of the company’s move to bring new categories beyond beers, in congruence with the increasing demand for ready-to-drink options and a growing generation of consumers enthusiastic about experimenting with new flavors.

Hill Station Hard Cider Ales will have three flavors of hard ciders in its portfolio – Himalayan Apple Original (5.3% ABV), Himalayan Apple Strong (7.5% ABV), and Himalayan Apple Berry Twist (5.3% ABV). Hill Station These Hard Cider Ales are made from a blend of the freshest Himalayan apples and mountain barley. Their flavors are dry and mildly sweet with a hint of malt and full flavor of orchard-fresh apples. The Himalayan Apple ciders are natural and crisp, that makes them perfect for all seasons and are best enjoyed over ice.

Speaking on the launch, Ankur Jain, CEO, of Bira 91, said, “Over the last few years, the preferences of young Indian consumers have shifted drastically, and they are now keen on exploring newer categories, including Ciders. With Hill Station Hard Cider Ales, we aim to become the first major cider brand in the country and expand the category for this beverage. Ciders help us become a part of wider occasions that call for celebration as they can be consumed throughout the year and are perfect for afternoons as well as evenings. We are bringing this product just in time for the new year celebrations and we are sure that Hill Station Hard Cider Ales will transport the consumers to their summer holidays spent in the hills, bringing back fond memories.”

He further added, “With ‘House of Bira 91’, we are continually looking to explore beverage categories that are growing rapidly and recruit consumers from the larger beverage space. The launch of Hill Station Hard Cider Ales gives us an exciting opportunity to expand Bira 91’s portfolio and pioneer the growth of beverages in the Indian premium segment.”  

The portfolio of Hill Station Hard Cider Ales will be available in 330ml bottles and cans across Bengaluru, priced at INR 150.

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